Mytra Tea~ Single Leaf

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 ☆Instructions! Once you choose your desired amount please type in your choice or choices of single leaf tea(s) in "Special Instructions to Seller" at check out from the selection below. 

Single Leaf Mytra: 

Red Bentuangie 

Chocolate Bentuangie 

Red Bali 

Red MD

Red Thai 

Red Borneo 

Red Ketapang 

White MD 

White Thai 

White Ketapang

White Hulu 

White Sumatra 

White Malay 

White Indo 

Green MD 

Green Thai 

Super Green 

Green Hulu

Green Borneo 

Green Elephant 

Green Boyan 

Yellow Sunda 

Yellow MD 

Yellow Bali 

Gold MD 

~ Our Mytra Tea Blends are formulated with the best tea strains available. Specialty blends are also available upon request! 

~ We are not doctors, any descriptions are simply suggestions. We do not claim to treat anyone or prevent any diseases with our products. Our products are designed to better ones well-being!

~ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Because these are non-regulated herbs and botanicals it is up to us to maintain a safe, clean, environment and povide non-contaminated product. We test every product for its safety. We set our standards very high because we care about your health and take pride in always providing a quality product!