Akuamma Seeds

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~ Our Akuamma seeds come from the lush tropics of Ghana. Organic Grown.

Akuamma has become a staple of West African medicine because of it's ability to fight Pain. Has many other benefits including relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia, bulging discs, back injuries, and sports injuries. Used to stop and prevent diarrhea. It's commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction and has been known to increase Focus and mood.

Akuamma is an opioid receptor Agonist. It's two most active alkaloids are akuammine and pericine. It has been said that Akuamma is 6 times more potent than codeine and believed to possess anti convulsion properties as well, making it the perfect herb for those suffering from the restlessness and seizures that opiate withdrawal can bring on. Studies suggest that the akuammiline alkaloids possess anti~malaria & anti~seizure properties. It's been  used to lower blood pressure and combat chronic pain.