Mytra Tea Kratom Capsules

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 Premium Kratom Capsules, Enhanced Kratom Capsules, & Extract 60X Capsules

~Our Mytra Tea Kratom Capsules are made from Premium Red, Premium White, and Premium Green kratom powder. They are 100% Pure, No additives or fillers! Each capsule is approximately .55 to .56 grams. Each 1 ounce has approximately 50 capsules ~for (White and Green) Red Teablets weigh approx .55g and there's 50 capsules per ounce. 

~ Capsule size is 00

~ Natural  Pure Vegetarian capsules. HPMC, Kosher, and Halal. Easy to digest and fast dissolving. 

~ Blends or Strain of Choice needs to be put in "Notes" to seller in your shopping  cart before Checking out. You may also email me if needed. 

~☆ Enhanced 60X extract caps are available in any blend or strain we carry. Please put in "Notes" which Blend or Strain you would like. 

~☆ Extract 60X Capsules are Available in the following... (please put in "notes to seller" your choice) ☆Ruby Red ☆Gold Rush ☆Emerald ☆Black Onyx ☆White Diamond ☆White Gunpowder ☆Rainbow ☆Create your own Mix


~ We are not doctors, any descriptions are simply suggestions. We do not claim to treat anyone or prevent any diseases with our products. Our products are designed to better ones life and well-being!

~ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Because these are non-regulated herbs and botanicals it is up to us to maintain a safe, clean, environment and povide non-contaminated product. We test every product for its safety. We set our standards very high because we care about your health and take pride in always providing a quality product!